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Nature Photographers are Naturalist First

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Nature Photographers are Naturalist First

Inspired by recent articles I've read in the past, I felt the urge to tie up some random thoughts I had floating around in this little noggin of mine. Among these thoughts one was asked of me during a recent photography workshop I was conducting. The question, innocent as it seemed, centered around my early ambitions as a photographer. It was a good question, deeper than I anticipated and it caused me to look deep into my soul and examine what motivates me!

Apparently, despite the fact I do this professionally, it was not a love of photography per say that started this momentous trek. The camera is merely my tool. If I wanted to win races, I guess I would need to build a fast car and learn the skills necessary to put in in a competitive position to win. For myself, I find the camera to be the tool I need to connect with people on an emotional and intellectual level.

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